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How AI shaping the Future of Ecommerce Business

If you are up to date in e-commerce trends, you must have come across the term; I will say you are not new to it. However, what you may not know is how much AI is impacting e-commerce and how much you need to know to keep abreast of its overriding influence in the future of Internet-enabled global business.

To bring the concept of AI closer home, let’s use the everyday discussion about robotics.  The backend technology that enables dolls to respond to human commands and even closer, you have voice-activated devices that respond to you when you speak and can distinguish the voices of two people as different, such device is powered by AI.

Thus, AI is finding application in wide-ranging human endeavors like in banking, security, customer service, education, health, and marketing and web development. Our focus on AI application in this discussion will be on the future of e-commerce.

How is AI affecting the future of e-commerce?

The thrust of eCommerce is giving business people the capacity to carry on business activities anywhere in the world successfully. It does not matter if you speak the local language of your target market, what matters is that you have what they need, leave the rest for e-commerce technology to transact business for you. Below are different ways AI is helping to facilitate smooth business activities across the world through e-commerce.

Personalized customer service

While it will be humanly impossible to have detail shopping history of a first-time visitor to your store, AI controlled e-commerce site has the capability to collect the internet history of the visitor and help them make relevant shopping suggestions that may lead to better conversion and sales. The truth is, every visitor’s browsing history is stored by the internet but while it is not easy for humans to quickly check out this history to make shopping recommendation, AI can analyze such data and make an informed decision that will amaze the visitor to want to buy.

Customer retargeting

A business person will come across so many potential customers every day which will add up to lots of lead for the business. The problem is how many of these potential leads can the individual business owner will remember. As for the AI enabled e-commerce, the system will not only remember a visitor’s last visit to the site, it will do so to the detail of their activities on the site for all time they visited.

With such ability to remember the entire visitor’s previous visits, it can send latest and relevant offer on a retargeting basis to get the customer to take action and buy the product.

Chatbot is powered by AI

You may have come across chatbots in your shopping experience posing like a customer service is available to talk to you, and when you send a message, you get a reply. But use differently, a chatbot can help you with shopping online without your input other than the original instruction.  For instance, you may ask that a chatbot shop for you when discount sales are in place and they will scour the internet looking for your criteria.

AI and SEO benefits

SEO has many benefits; one of its benefits is that you could use AI for website and content optimization. Making use of AI for search engine optimization tasks will ease the way for e-commerce business owners to follow through with the job of managing their websites for optimal gain for organic traffic.

Without doubt, AI is fast taking its place in making life easy both for business owners and their customers.  As we see more improvement in advanced AI research and development, it is a matter of time to have more hitherto e-commerce human-driven activities being taken over by bots.

If you are still looking to start an online business, you can use Shopify‘s online store builder and start getting experience in the online world to get ready for AI.


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